We encourage you to wear your Panzell jewelry everyday but sometimes it is best to take it off before activities such as cleaning, exercising, or gardening . To keep clean wash in warm soapy water or rub with soft cloth to bring back the shine. 


All jewelry should be handled with love and care. We recommend having a special box or container to hold your jewelry when not in use. To reduce tarnishing, it is best to store your jewelry in a dry, airless environment (like a plastic bag).  Avoid contact with chemicals from perfume, hairspray, lotion, etc. There are many jewelry cleaning products available, but tarnish can be easily removed with a solution of water and a few drops of a gentle dish-washing liquid (like Dawn or Ivory).


Rinse your jewelry thoroughly with warm water and dry with a cotton cloth as tissues and paper towels may scratch the metal.  Let the jewelry dry thoroughly before storing, as moisture speeds the tarnishing process.  If your jewelry ever looks dull, use a jewelry polishing cloth.

For any pieces which are gold or silver plated, we recommend cleaning very gently with a damp cotton cloth or cotton swab.  These surfaces are more delicate and cannot withstand harsh cleaning products.

Our jewelry is nickel-free and lead-free, but if you have any allergies, please contact us regarding the specific piece you are interested in, as beads and other components may be made of other materials.